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Right OnBoard are offering our ‘Working From Home Check’ for free to the NHS and at the lowest possible price to everyone else. Any profits will be donated to Age UK.

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Re-onboarding people following organisational change

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At Right OnBoard, we partner with companies
implementing organisational change to re-onboard their people, so that the change can embed quickly and effectively

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For employees to adapt, they need to know
what to do, who they can turn to,
and to feel valued by their organisation.

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Work with us to create a rich experience in the changing workplace where individuals can thrive and perform at their best. Your people will feel happier, stay longer and be more productive. Your business will change for the better.

our organisational
health check programme –

Right OnBoard - Restore® Programme

Unlike a traditional engagement survey, Restore provides your organisation with the insights and practical tasks that require action to re-onboard your people following organisational change. Prioritising these tasks will drive employee engagement, increase productivity and help with staff retention.

Implementing Restore will improve the following, all leading to sustainable business results:


The organisational costs of employee turnover are estimated to range between 100% and 300% of the replaced employee’s salary.


Improving retention not only saves these costs, but it will also have a positive impact on the culture of the organisation and improve the quality of work and expertise of employees.


Over 50% of line managers in our 2018 line managers’ experience of change survey felt that it took between 3-12 months for their teams to become effective post change, with 10% believing it took up to 24 months.

(n=137 across multiple industries)


If you can shorten the time it takes to deal with the change, then managers can concentrate on building relationships, overcoming resistance and driving outcomes.


The success of an organisation is dependent on the remaining employees performing at their best however, many organisations believe that 30% of their employees are disengaged. Organisational change can be challenging at an individual level.


Improving engagement, will help employees have an emotional connection to the organisation, which they can reflect in their daily work.

Mental health & wellbeing

A Gov.uk review of evidence on employee wellbeing, and its potential impact on workplace performance, suggests that an improvement in wellbeing will result in an improvement in workplace and financial performance, job satisfaction, and quality of outputs.


Giving employees some autonomy, clarity on expectations and positive interpersonal contact, will increase their happiness. Happy employees are motivated employees.

Your business will change for the better

Understanding the impact of change

Research shows that restructuring in organisations has a largely negative effect on the welfare of employees, regardless of whether there are job losses.


The consequences of change can be devastating and long lasting – it can destroy morale, waste resources and increase staff turnover, which could negate the planned increase in efficiency and productivity.

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